Restorative Dentistry in Pueblo

Get your smile back

 If one or more of your teeth are damaged, decayed or missing, Dr. David Sisneros is here to help. At our office in Pueblo, we specialize in restorative dentistry and pride ourselves on providing comfortable care to every patient. If you’re having an issue with your smile, contact us at 719-544-7672 to schedule an appointment.

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The Benefits Of Restorative Dentistry

Dental fillings are a minimally invasive way to prevent cavities from growing
Root canals can save an infected tooth and relieve your dental pain
A dental crown looks and feels natural and can protect your tooth from further damage
Full and partial dentures can complete your smile if you’re missing some or all of your teeth

What Are Dental Fillings?

Fillings are the best way to restore your smile if you have one or more cavities. Dr. Dave will remove decayed enamel from your teeth, and apply a tooth-colored filling material. This material will be shaped and sculpted to restore the original appearance and function of your teeth, and allow you to smile brightly and chew properly once again.

What Is The Difference Between A Dental Crown And A Bridge?

A dental crown is shaped just like your natural tooth. Dr. Dave will trim your enamel to accommodate the crown, which will be bonded into place permanently to restore your smile. Crowns are ideal for treating large fillings, damaged teeth and teeth that have been treated with a root canal. They can also sometimes be used for cosmetic purposes, too. 

Dental bridges consist of two crowns that are attached to healthy teeth. In between these crowns is a pontic (false tooth). This tooth rests in the gap where your missing tooth used to be, restoring your smile after tooth loss.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root Canal Therapy is the best way to save your tooth if it has become infected. Teeth become infected when the outer layers of enamel and dentin are destroyed by decay or oral trauma. This exposes the vulnerable “pulp,” which contains the blood vessels and nerves that keep your tooth alive.

Root canal therapy involves opening up a small hole in the top of the tooth, then cleaning out the infected pulp and tooth material. Then, the tooth is filled with an inert material, and restored with a filling or a crown. This saves your tooth, eliminates your pain and discomfort, and restores your smile.

What Kind Of Dentures Do You Offer?

We offer both full and partial dentures. Full dentures are ideal if you have lost most or all of your teeth due to a serious accident, severe gum disease, or extensive tooth decay. Your remaining teeth must be extracted before you get full dentures.

Partial dentures are a better option if you are missing multiple teeth, but most of your teeth are healthy. Multiple false teeth are attached to a metal and plastic framework, which is held into place by clipping onto your remaining natural teeth. This restores your bite and your smile.

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