Oral Surgeries in Pueblo

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At Rocky Mountain Dental Co., Dr. Dave has years of experience treating even the most complex dental health issues. Whether you need oral surgery to correct a bite problem, or a treatment like a bone graft or alveoloplasty before a dental implant, we’re here to help. Contact us now at (719)-544-7672 to schedule a consultation and get more information. 

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Benefits Of Oral Surgery

We use x-rays and advanced dental imaging technology to create comprehensive surgical treatment plans
Our team is well-versed in the latest minimally-invasive surgical techniques
We provide sedation to ensure that you’re safe, comfortable, and can sleep through your appointment
With our caring and informative approach to dentistry, you’ll know exactly what to expect from your procedure

What Is Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery is another term for jaw surgery, which is often required for complex occlusion (bite) issues and adjustments. This treatment is often used to treat a bad bite (malocclusion). 

While orthodontic treatments like braces can often be used to treat bite problems, some patients have problems that are too severe to treat with orthodontics alone. A severe crossbite or open bite, for example, may require repositioning of the jaw.

Every type of surgery is different, and depends on the patient. Dr. Dave will work with a team of specialists to assess your bite and jaw, and develop a treatment that will reposition your jaw and allow for a healthier bite positioning.

What Is A Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a preparatory procedure that is sometimes required before a dental implant can be placed. If your jaw is too weak to support a dental implant, a bone graft can be used to strengthen it and support the implant.
The procedure involves creating an opening in the gum and jaw bone, then placing bone powder or granules into the treatment area. The area is then sutured shut. Over the next several months, new bone will grow around the grafted bone material, strengthening the area and allowing an implant to be placed.

What Is Alveoloplasty?

This procedure is often required after tooth extraction for patients who are getting dental implants or dentures. Essentially, it involves smoothing down the bony ridges around your missing teeth.

Your mouth will be numbed, and the gums will be folded back to expose the jaw bone. Then, Dr. Dave will use special dental tools to remove ridges and protrusions and recontour the jaw bone. By smoothing and reshaping the jaw bone, Dr. Dave can ensure that your dental prosthesis will fit properly.

What Is Tori Removal?

Dental tori are harmless bone protrusions that affect around 5-7% of the US population. They can grow on either the bottom of the mouth or on the roof of your mouth. They usually don’t need to be removed. 

In some cases, however, they may be painful, or become so large that they interfere with proper speaking and chewing and should be addressed. If you are receiving a set of dentures, dental tori can interfere with proper placement of your dentures, and will need to be surgically removed.

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